Anyone Living With or Beyond Cancer Across the UK can Access Effective Digital Mental Health Support at No Cost

Big Health and Macmillan Cancer Support are working together to provide anyone living with or beyond cancer with instant access to free mental health support. Our new resource page below will help you to refer Sleepio® (for insomnia) & Daylight® (for anxiety) - Big Health's clinically-proven digital mental health treatments - today!

Hearing the words “you have cancer” affects more than just your physical health. A cancer diagnosis can impact a patient’s mental health and people living with cancer say that poor sleep, worry, and anxiety impact their quality of life1.

We’re working with Macmillan Cancer Support to offer digital treatments for anxiety and sleep management to cancer patients in the UK - at no cost - day or night, at home or in hospital, without having to wait for in-person therapy appointments. Sleepio and Daylight are our science-backed digital treatments for insomnia and anxiety, and are both available to all newly diagnosed cancer patients (18+).

This new resource page is designed to help you refer digital mental health treatments to those who need it most, by giving you all the materials you need to succeed.

Macmillan’s research shows that anxiety and insomnia significantly impact quality of life for people living with cancer. Patients can now access mental health support without adding more in-person appointments on top of their hospital appointments.

Sleepio and Daylight were built by mental health experts using evidence-based techniques, and are safe and effective non-drug treatment options. In fact, Sleepio is the first ever digital therapy treatment to receive NICE guidance, confirming its clinical and cost effectiveness. 

But don’t just take our word for it - Find out more:

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Sleepio (for poor sleep & insomnia):
Daylight (for anxiety & worry):

It’s important that you know what Sleepio and Daylight are, how they can help, and why they are so effective.

Our detailed treatment descriptions below will help you identify just how they do that:

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for insomnia

Sleepio’s online sleep improvement programme
can help you get to the root of stubborn sleep,
using proven evidence-based techniques.

Sleepio is an effective long-term solution to sleep difficulties, validated in 12 randomised controlled trials and over 150,000 UK users to date. In a large-scale, placebo-controlled trial, Sleepio helped 76% of poor sleepers achieve healthy sleep.

  • You start with a two-minute quiz to find out your Sleep Score and get a personalised report
  • Then you’ll be guided through online sessions by your animated sleep expert, The Prof, to learn a range of cognitive and behavioural techniques that are proven to work
  • These techniques help establish a healthy sleep pattern by addressing negative thoughts and behaviours, and developing a routine to make falling asleep and staying asleep more automatic and natural



for anxiety

Daylight’s digital anxiety improvement programme
can help you control feelings of worry and anxiety,
using proven evidence-based techniques.

Daylight is an effective long-term solution for anxiety and worry, proven in a randomised controlled trial to help 71% of people living with high levels of anxiety to achieve healthy levels of anxiety.

  • You start by taking a two-minute quiz to discover your Anxiety Type and identify the types of thoughts and behaviours that may be keeping you stuck
  • Then, after understanding your challenges and priorities, Daylight guides you through interactive exercises to tackle your worries and feelings
  • These exercises help you learn to relax, change your perspective on anxious thoughts, and address your fears so you can feel more present and in control

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Hear how Sleepio helped Imran:

"I have had my ups and downs, more downs than ups, particularly since 2017 when I lost my wife to cancer. I was in a really bad state physically and mentally, and I needed help fast. With Sleepio, I saw results in a matter of weeks; It’s tailored to your individual needs, and is more detailed and thorough than other apps I have tried. I was very low mentally and the app has certainly helped me, I continue to use it to this day."

Imran Alam Sleepio User, Scotland

Imran Alam

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1.Macmillan Cancer Support and Populus paper and online survey of 6905 people recently treated for, or diagnosed in the last 5 years with, cancer across the UK. Fieldwork July-September 2019